The Unshakeable Foundation ~ Lunar Eclipse


Thank you for being here and taking time to read my words. I honor your time and energy, and am grateful to have the opportunity to share my reflections and guidance with you. In these transformational times, I am recognizing the amazing ways in which we support one another through the unknown. The support and love I receive from others enables me to continuously be a source of support and love for you.


On Tuesday, we receive a Partial Lunar Eclipse (look up your Eclipse time here), the second and final of the Summer Eclipse season. A Lunar Eclipse occurs on a Full Moon, a time when energy intensifies and amplifies. The Full Moon in Capricorn will illuminate what is holding you back from rising up into your true power.

If you are experiencing challenges and intensity in your life right now, know that you are not alone. We are in the thick of this powerful Eclipse portal, a cataclysmic time packed with lessons of surrender and trust amidst forcible shifts of realities that do not serve our greater good. Eclipses are part of a Divine Design to bring our lives into true alignment. This can prove to be an uncomfortable process (to say the least) if you are holding onto something that the universe demands you be free from.

With the Eclipses as well as Mercury in Retrograde all of July, the focus is deep self-reflection and it’s an epic opportunity to harness powerful energies for doing the deep healing work you are here to do. There are massive karmic cycles coming to completion at this time, and the universe is supporting you in your transformation. All that is coming up for you now is an opportunity for powerful soul-level healing. Use this Eclipse time to Let Go!

Eclipses are a system reset, and a tremendous opportunity for transformation in your life. While this is by nature what Eclipses are intended to do for us every 6 months, this particular portal is extra potent, and a major turning point in many of our lives.

The universe is shaking up our lives to help us align with our higher path and to embody our authentic truth.


Just a couple of days into this Eclipse portal, my region experienced earthquakes. 3 quakes happened within two days (the strongest measuring 7.1 and 6.4, occurring in Ridgecrest CA, about 150 miles from where I live) and many of us felt the literal shaking of the foundations of our lives. The moment I realized an earthquake was happening the first time (as I was sitting in a healing session with a client) immediately I felt the cosmic perfection of intense and unpredictable life shifts individually and collectively expressed in this way. All of the internal emotional upsets and breakdowns and upheaval that are being felt by so many people being expressed by Mother Earth. As it always goes: As above, so below. I felt the beauty of this interconnectedness of everything.

Naturally, especially so after the second large quake happened the next day, the local focus and conversations turned towards earthquake preparedness. There was an energy of panic, of great concern of more to come. Of not having proper resources, of not being prepared in the face of disaster. Of survival. I found myself looking around my homestead cabin way out in the middle of the desert, wondering what practical measures I might need to take. What I noticed was a shift of focus occurring within me, simply feeling unconcerned for the physical structure and water supply and rushing to fill my gas tank. For myself, the focus naturally shifted to inner preparedness, assessing whether the internal foundations are strong and secure and well-stocked.

And what I noticed was an underlying energetic of peace within me.


I realized I didn’t feel panicked because my inner foundation is unshakeable. As one who has been devotedly tending to my inner reserves for many years, my ability to harness inner strength, trust, and wisdom is always within me no matter the chaos happening externally. I admit, I forget this sometimes, and especially so lately, so it would take the shaking of the Earth for me to come back into alignment and remember. It shakes free the destructive beliefs of unworthiness, separation, and failure. It shakes free the beliefs that do not serve and inhibit me from aligning with my true power.

This inner preparedness is a foundation of peace that enables me to meet any crisis or disaster with trust, strength, and perseverance.

After all, the whole point of doing healing work and spiritual practices is to allow yourself to bloom into your highest power. And the tools and practices are just that, tools and practices which you call upon in times of crisis. Practices that keep you grounded and anchored in peace when life appears to be out of control. The gifts of dedicated spiritual + self-care practices manifest in how we respond to real life challenges and disasters.

Even if the walls are crumbling around me, and even if I feel the crumbling within me, if all breaks down something does in fact remain: My truth. What breaks down are false beliefs that hinder me and hold me back from embodying my authentic truth fully and completely. False beliefs that I am separate from the Divine. That I am separate from Love. The breaking down happens so that I remember what is true.

We are all experiencing crumbling, breaking down, and the shaking of our foundations in many different ways. We are all being shaken out of our false beliefs in order for us to remember our truth. The truth that remains when there is nothing else to hold onto. The truth that enables us to rise up to any challenge with greater strength than ever before.

We are being asked to take our healing journeys to higher levels than ever before because the world is in an unprecedented time of change. We are evolving and expanding, and the old paradigm ways must be released in this process. We are in uncharted territory, and by letting go of what no longer serves and embodying our authentic selves, we create the new paths of Truth and Love.

It is through our individual inner work that we strengthen our collective foundation of Love.

We are being asked to remember our Truth. We are being asked to align with Peace. We are being asked to embody the Love that we always are and always will be.

This is what truly prepares us for any challenges along the way.

This is what truly creates an unshakeable foundation of harmony.


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Let this Lunar Eclipse envelop you in its momentary darkness. Even if not visible this energy is indeed present, and envelops our whole planet. Whether you are working with me or in another healing capacity, may you make the most of this great opportunity to invite in the reset and transformation your soul is guiding you to embrace. Let yourself find your way back home to the truth of who you are, deep within your heart. Let yourself awaken to the Love that dwells within your heart. Let this Love be your anchor in these great changing times. No matter what is happening externally, the Love that you are is within you always.

Highest of blessings to you during this powerful week. Thank you for doing the work with me.

I love you,