Sacred Nourishment Sessions are your opportunity to receive personalized guidance and support from me about the best way to nourish yourself on a soul-level with food, daily self-care, and spiritual practices. I will listen to your personal story around your journey of caring for yourself and help you to develop the strongest possible daily rhythms to bring healing, alignment, and joy into your life more and more. From an open intuitive state, I will guide you towards what serves you best in your personal journey and give you the tools to gently build yourself a strong structure of self-care on the foundation of love.

The focus can be exclusively around food, spiritual practices, or self-care practices, or a combination of any or all. 

$155 / Single 75 Minute Session

$400 / Bundle of Three 75 Minutes Sessions

Sacred Nourishment Sessions are for you if:

  • You are confused about what foods are best for you to eat

  • You lack a structure for daily self-care

  • You seek a mindful approach to eating

  • You struggle with self-love

  • You aspire to a regular spiritual practice

  • You seek grounding in your daily life

  • You feel disconnected to how you nourish yourself

  • You seek juice cleanse guidance

  • You get sick often, and/or regularly experience fatigue, stress, anxiety 

A Sacred Nourishment Session will benefit you in the following ways:

  • You will relate to the things you put into your body in a new, expansive way

  • You will be supported where you are in your journey presently

  • You will be given specific tools to build your structure of daily sacred nourishment

  • You will learn how to tap into your own higher guidance to strengthen your daily choices

  • You will receive healing energy from your time with me

  • You will receive inspiration from my own journey of transformation

  • You will learn what is at the foundation for a successful practice of self-care

  • You will receive divine blessings for your journey

Photo:  Elena Ray

Photo: Elena Ray

Her knowledge and love for healing through nourishment is astonishing, and the kindness with how she teaches is very comforting. She made me feel at ease at all times. If you’re blessed to meet her, you’ll see that in this beautiful lady houses a very old soul of a medicine woman that has reincarnated through many lifetimes!
— Dani Gonzalez, priestess, Ireland


Remotely, I will advise you how to create ritual on your end to deepen the energy of the session. In person, you can expect to be served a cup of warm cacao before the session begins! The session will include a guided meditation, and the opportunity for you to share what’s on your heart. From an expanded intuitive state, I will offer guidance and specific tools for you to implement in your daily life based on your individual needs. I will meet you where you are at in your journey, providing you the next steps to take that best serve you. You will receive a clear plan to work with moving forward which may include cleanse guidance, bespoke rituals + recipes, or other types of healing practices. You will receive a recording of your session and a follow-up email from me to see how you are doing.

Angela helped me embrace and embody the principles of sacred nourishment in a way that was new to me. I began to bless our food at family dinners regularly and now my family will reach for each other’s hands without my prompting, to bless our food and each other. Angela stands with you and allows you to go at your own pace through whatever your learning is in the moment. Her being radiates authenticity and bravery and her laughter is Divine. I look forward to continuing to learn and work with her in my own journey of sacred nourishment.
— Carmen Nash,

*** Sessions are offered as single sessions or as a bundle of 3 sessions for a reduced rate when booked together. Multiple sessions are highly encouraged to receive the highest benefit from the healing work and ensure ongoing support, guidance, and integration of previous sessions as you continue on your healing journey. This is an ideal option for working with me on the deepest level. The 3 sessions can be set up for every 2-4 weeks to allow for integration and application of each session, and is flexible to best suit your needs. 

*** Payment secures your appointment on my calendar. Booked sessions are non-refundable. If you cancel the appointment your payment will be applied toward a future session within 90 days of original payment. Provided sessions are non-refundable.

*** Sessions may take place in person in Joshua Tree, CA or remotely via Zoom video conferencing.