We are slipping deeper into the seasonal shift into darkness, and it’s oh so apparent once we’ve reached the end of October, and Scorpio is alive in the Sun. The energy of this time of year becomes undeniably magical, the quality of light is different, the mystical thinning of the veils where the unseen comes readily into our awareness. It begins our sacred descent into the dark, and allows us to call upon our ancestors to help guide the way.

Scorpio is inherently a dark energy, and there is a sacred purpose for the role it plays in our lives. It guides us into rich dark waters, a deeply feeling realm that holds our secrets and fears. It is the energy of passion, of desire, of shadow. While each sign holds its own benevolent and shadow aspects, there is an emphasis on the shadow of Scorpio energy without recognizing its gifts. That’s because it is the shadow and we are afraid of exploring that. This is the time to honor the shadow and the necessary aspect it plays in our healing and expansion into wholeness.

Within the shadows is where the sacred purpose and gifts of Scorpio are discovered.

With all that is occurring during this intense year, we have a more intense experience of an already intense sign, and so I am here to sing the praises of Scorpio and the power that it holds to transform each of us into the fullest expression of our most authentic selves. For this is the gift of Scorpio, to take us into the uncomfortable realms where we must be confronted with our deepest fears. It is through these underworld journeys that we learn how strong we truly are. It is through these initiations that we are able to access our true power that comes from the heart.

It is through the journey of darkness that we awaken to our true light.

Scorpio is the embodiment of transformation, it is the cycle of death and rebirth. For each of us to experience change and growth, old aspects of ourselves must die. We are really being asked to rise up into our greatest truth, our divine power. This is what makes Scorpio energy so essential and necessary for our soul growth. These are divine mechanisms designed to awaken us to higher aspects of ourselves that we've forgotten.

Scorpio is the vehicle for transformation that your soul is calling forth.


I invite you to write your own song of Scorpio, and shift your awareness around what is challenging in your life. Sit with your struggles and your pains, and write a new perspective of what is really happening for you. Embrace the journey of the unknown, and recognize it serves a greater purpose for you. Let yourself be enchanted with the potential of all that is not yet written.

Now is the time for your heart’s true desires to be declared. Writing yourself a new story for your life is the profound invitation from the universe now. Write yourself a new story and activate a new reality, a life that embodies your greatest gifts and dreams and ultimately becomes a blessing for the whole world.

Write yourself a new story and sing your way through the darkness with your truth as your light.


The New Moon in Scorpio occurs October 27th at 8:38pm PDT. New Moons are always a time for planting new seeds in the dark soil of the earth. The new visions and dreams have their incubation time in the unseen, as roots of transformation begin to grow in the subconscious realm before becoming seen in the light.

The planting of seeds is the planting of a spark of light in the darkness. And the seeds need the darkness for their light to grow and expand. The light cannot exist without the dark.

Let yourself surrender to the embrace of the gift of darkness of the New Moon and the shadow journey that Scorpio invites. Call upon your benevolent, helpful ancestors to guide you and support your time of transformation.

This New Moon is a potent opportunity to set intentions, and I encourage you to take some time to work with this energy. The energy is ripe for setting powerful intentions for the journey into the unknown. Anything and everything is possible.


You’ll need a safe place to be immersed in darkness, whether it’s outside at night with no lights on or indoors and all lights off. You’ll need a piece of paper, and writing utensil, an unlit candle, and match or lighter.

Sit down on the floor or a chair with your feet on the earth, with your ritual objects right before you. Close your eyes, be quiet and be still. Take several deep breaths in and out to become fully present.

Let yourself get comfortable in the darkness for 5 -10 minutes. Notice what thoughts arise during this time, and take note. Do your best to disengage with them and let them quiet down into stillness. See what thoughts continue to appear in the dark.

After this time of stillness, with eyes remained closed ask your higher guidance/ guides/ benevolent ancestors to show you how you can best shine your light in the world. Ask to be shown what your new story is that aligns you with your highest truth.

Open your eyes, take your lighter/match and light the candle before you. See this light as your guide through the darkness. See this light as the reminder of your own inner light. See this light as the vehicle for your transformation into your highest truth. See this light as the spark of all that is rising up within you to be embodied in a brand new way.

By this candlelight, write down the intentions you are setting for this new story you are writing for your life based on the guidance you received. Plant the seeds through your words.

You may literally plant these seeds in the rich soil of the earth by digging a hole in the ground some place appropriate, and burying your paper as you would with real seeds. Hold your intentions in your heart as you do so.

Sing this song to complete your ritual: 

Though my soul may set in darkness,

it will rise in perfect light;

I have loved the stars too truly

to be fearful of the night.

(From a poem by Sarah Williams entitled “The Old Astronomer”)

(YouTube version here:


It is through the journey into the dark that we awaken to our inner light, the Love that always dwells within. And that’s the sacred purpose this time of change ultimately serves.

There is so much that can come up at this time, and I’m here to remind you that there is a divine plan for you every step of the way. No matter how unexpected or painful changes occurring in your life may be, this is the way through to your greatest transformation. This is the way to truly find your light. This is the way you will rise up into your true power and your most authentic self. This is the way you will embody the greatest gifts you’re here to give the world.

This is the way to awakening to your most divine light.

I am here to help you awaken to your light, your truth, your divinity. May these loving words bring you exactly what you need today. I welcome your replies and always love hearing how my words resonate with you. Please let me know how your experience working with the ritual goes or how you honored this New Moon!


Thank you for being here. Thank you for your love and support, and for taking a moment to read my words during this most exciting and activating time of transformation on our beautiful planet. Yes, it's intense. Yes, it's uncharted territory. Yes, so much is coming up individually and collectively. But remember, it's truly a gift to be here at this time.

Blessings to a most harmonious time of change in your life. May you awaken to the truth of your heart shine your radiant light upon everyone and everything.

May every word of this letter bless you with love, peace, and joy.

New Moon Blessings to you, and Happy Diwali!

And so it is. Blessed Be. Jai Ma.

Breathing in love, exhaling in gratitude,


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
~May all beings in the world be happy and free~