The Power of Your Womb Chakra


How does one describe the mystery of the Divine to another?

The mystery of that which is without form yet is in everything is what we all want to wrap our minds around to fully understand. The knowing of what the Divine is comes from the direct experience of it for oneself. It is personal, intimate, indescribable. Quite often, the mystery must remain a mystery, giving us just enough form to compel us to explore deeper, diving into the sacred darkness, the infinite, the unknown, taking us further into ourselves than before. 

In our experience of the Divine, all that is occurring is incredibly multi-faceted beyond our ability to comprehend. We ask for something specific to change in our lives- for healing- and we invite the Divine to do this work for us. We invite in the mystery of this journey. To be compelled to ask for change, for healing, we are being guided in our path by the Divine, but we know not where the Divine is taking us for necessary transformation to take place.

So much of the sacred work I am drawn into is of highly mysterious origins and cannot be clearly defined. The greatest power of the offerings I share have everything to do with surrendering to and embracing the Great Mystery. All that I offer are experiences of the Divine, experiences that are unique for each of us, and are impossible to know with certainty what it is or what is happening in a way that satisfies the mind. These are experiences that satiate the heart. These are experiences that bring healing to the soul.


What is more mysterious on this planet than the Womb? When I first heard about the Womb Chakra, in a single breath something changed within me. I knew the Chakra system, but I had never heard of a Womb Chakra. The mystery of the physical Womb suddenly magnified into something even far more mysterious. The inexplicable draw to know more compelled me to follow a path I knew nothing about initially. I did not foresee myself becoming an initiate of the Womb Chakra teachings and blessed with the ability to facilitate healing to others through this work.

I am drawn into the most mysterious of mysteries- it is my nature. While longtime known spiritual teachings and lineages are full of enough mystery to make my heart sing for lifetimes, there are also new ancient teachings coming forth at this time of great transformation on our planet. The Divine Mystery becomes even more mysterious, as ancient secrets allow themselves to be known again.

The Womb Chakra is the highest, holiest energetic point in the body. It is the Divine Feminine energy within you. It is your direct access to the power of the Divine.

The power of the Womb Chakra is within each of us - as all humans have the Divine birthright to access Divine power. This is not gender-exclusive, but available for all of us who are drawn into the Womb Chakra mysteries. Because the existence of the Womb Chakra has been unknown and hidden for thousands of years, the power of it has been hidden away within each of us. Because the Womb Chakra holds our karmas, our traumas, our heart pain, if left untended we are unable to tap into our true Divine power.

The Womb Chakra, in its full power and expression, aligns you with your most empowered, Divine self. Womb Chakra Healing serves to facilitate this process of clearing and releasing that which blocks you from embodying your true Divine power.

Is Womb Chakra Healing for you? Only you can know if the Divine is guiding you to explore this mystery. If you are resonating with the energy of these words and curious to know more, now is the perfect time to dive in to learn more! Read here more about Womb Chakra Healing, and please feel free to connect with me about any questions you may have about Womb Chakra Healing.

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Sharing this ancient knowledge is a huge honor for me, as is witnessing the impact Womb Chakra Healing has had on others. There is no neat and simple way to enter the space of Divine healing, for the healing journey plays out in entirely unique ways for each of us. There is no simple way to describe what happens when we heal as mysterious as the Divine process can be, but we explore ourselves further through reflection and communication, and so I am grateful to share words written by a dear client of her own unique experience with this work:

"I am no newcomer to spiritual healing and energy work - having walked this path for ten years now both as a student, teacher, and practitioner. When I came to Angela to explore Womb Chakra Healing, part of me was curious to explore this mysterious modality, and part of me was eager to receive the healing of ancestral and karmic trauma we carry within. I was at a place where I was ready to look at and integrate some deep-seated issues that I had been turning away from for at least this lifetime.

I can safely say that I am not the person I was before this Womb Chakra Healing, and that it set in motion for me many necessary shifts in my journey of growth, change, evolution, and integration. Following this healing, I experienced intense physical, emotional, and spiritual breaking down of all the illusions and pain I had been holding in my body and being for as long as I can consciously remember and beyond. This kind of work only ever gives you exactly what you are ready for at the time- never more, never less. I was at a place where, after a decade of inner work, I was ripe and ready to make a quantum leap. Throughout this journey, Angela has held space for me, and has been a consistent source of support and guidance while empowering me to move forward autonomously.

If you are completely new to this kind of healing work, the energy will give you exactly what you are ready for. The journey of healing of this mysterious and powerful energetic portal in our beings is both pioneering in this day and age, as it is ancient. And it is highly necessary at this time in our individual and collective histories. Angela carries the light of this rare and powerful healing modality with grace, wisdom, and skill. If you're ready to shine a light on the parts of your being that urgently need your compassionate attention, Womb Chakra Healing with Angela is a potent way to embark on this journey."

~ Rohini Walker, Reiki Master Practitioner, Editor of Luna Arcana



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If you need help remembering your truth and need support during these transformational times, I am here for you. Womb Chakra Healings help you to clear karma, trauma, and heartbreak and to embody your Divine power, Oracle Readings help you to come into clarity about your path, Sacred Nourishment Sessions help you to strengthen your self-care and spiritual practices, and Cacao Ceremony helps you to access the truth of your heart. Scroll below for more info on my offerings.


Thank you for being here. Thank you for your love and support, and for taking a moment to read my words during this most exciting and activating time of transformation on our beautiful planet. Yes, it's intense. Yes, it's uncharted territory. Yes, so much is coming up individually and collectively. But remember, it's truly a gift to be here at this time.


May every word of this letter bless you with love, peace, and joy.

And so it is. Blessed Be. Jai Ma.

Breathing in love, exhaling in gratitude,


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
~May all beings in the world be happy and free~