You Are The Oracle


We have begun yet another new cycle, and fresh new energy of grounding, detail-oriented work is the template we are working with as the Sun moves through the sign of Virgo. Friday's New Moon in Virgo is a powerful time to plant seeds of how you can strengthen and expand your service to others and share your gifts with the world through the work you do.

With this shift into Virgo season, it feels to be a very harmonious time to share a little bit about how I came to be in sacred service as an Oracle Priestess. Virgo is the embodiment of service, of devotion, of the sacred feminine. Virgo is the archetype of the High Priestess in sacred service to the Earth.


The first time the role of Oracle was seen in me by another, my entire being lit up in recognition of something I did not know. While I’ve always been intuitive, living in solitude in the desert increased my awareness around my ability to divine higher information and energy, and it was an inner awareness which I’d never spoken about to others but now had a name. The word Oracle was so ancient, so mysterious, so compelling.

My awakening to the mysterious Oracle aspect of myself is a fascinating journey of divine synchronicities that ultimately lead me to discover a brand new Oracle mystery school training program, the first of its kind. After about a year of training and developing my abilities as well as another year of serving as my mentor’s apprentice, I was already underway in doing work as an Oracle, tools and practices well-honed and gently beginning to share divine guidance I received with the world. As someone who had lived for years in desert solitude, and even prior to desert living took to the more introverted side of living and expression, these were significant leaps for me out of my comfort zone.

My devotion to the Oracle path has shown itself to be fundamental in the cultivation of my ability to receive and transmit divine information, the healing of my throat chakra, and strengthening the trust of my own guidance.

The Oracle path has been pivotal in speaking my authentic truth, opening up a whole new level of purpose of being in sacred service to the world.


Initially my Oracle journey was about self-discovery and empowering my voice, and I felt alone on this mysterious path. The greatest expansion in my Oracle journey occurred once I began connecting with a community of other women on the same path, other Oracles, through my training and in the outside world. I discovered more and more there were women reactivating this powerful word Oracle, and it thrilled me.

The more I began activating this aspect of me and bringing it to the forefront of my work, the more I began seeing this aspect in others. I would listen to inspired reflections and insights from people and think to myself, this person is an Oracle. I would hear music or see artwork that held the power of the Divine, and I would observe, this artist is an Oracle. And over the course of this path, I have come to the knowing that indeed, each of us is an Oracle, carrying the ability to tap into our higher self, our higher knowing and divine creativity and bring it forth to inspire and guide others in our own unique ways.

We each have the ability to align with our true Divine power.

To be the Oracle is to be in divine alignment with one’s higher guidance, truth, and creativity. There is no limit to the divine expression of the Oracle.

I have discovered along the way of the Oracle path, that my work as an Oracle is without defined limitations of transmitting divine guidance to a seeker. I am the Oracle in my ceremonies, I am the Oracle in my work with food, I am the Oracle in my writing, I am the Oracle in my photography, I am the Oracle in all of the ways I serve others as a conduit for Divine energy and love.

The archetype of the Oracle in my mind is the seated, draped Priestess in the ancient temple of Apollo, channeling the Greek god in a state of altered reverie. The Delphic Oracle was highly revered and exalted in ancient Greek times. She was sought after for her wisdom and guidance from leaders of nations and an entire civilization developed around the Oracle at Delphi. This is how the Olympic games originated, legendary sport and entertainment created to help pass the time as many, many people made their pilgrimages to Delphi and awaited their turn to ask the Oracle a question.

At the entrance to the temple of Apollo, overhead it reads: Know Thyself.

And for me, the real message of this for the seeker about to approach the Oracle is: Come to me with your questions, receive my answers, yet know what is true for you. Only you can know your truth.

I see how the embodiment of the Oracle archetype within myself enjoys the opportunity to be in sacred space with others, reenacting this ancient dynamic of receiving questions and tuning into higher guidance in service as a conduit for the Divine. I have lived several lifetimes in this role, so it feels comforting and familiar to me. Of course, in this life I am not inviting in another god or entity to take over my body, this is a sovereign embodiment of my own divine guidance. The same divine guidance that we each have access to and have the ability to connect with, given the necessary tools and practice.

I am the Oracle who helps others find their own Oracle aspect within themselves.

This is the approach I take with my Oracle Readings. There is no greater joy than to help another come into the realization of their own answers, hidden within. While certainly I will offer what guidance I’m receiving on behalf of the other as needed, I know it to be far more beneficial and empowering to help someone be able to tap into their own higher divine guidance than simply just giving it myself. I create the sacred container and anchor the energies, I offer the peace and stillness to listen to the higher self in a way most of us don’t make time or space for in our days. I guide the process, I receive your questions. Sometimes, I answer your questions with questions. To help you learn how to align with your own higher truth. To help you know your own clear answers. To help you know you always have the answers within yourself.

To help you strengthen your ability to know what’s true for you.

We are all in a time where it is essential to know what’s true within our hearts. We can only know with certainty what’s true for ourselves, the kind of truth that is unshakeable when others have different ideas about what we should be doing or who we are. This knowing is what we need to cultivate and strengthen within ourselves as we move through these rapidly changing times. If we are able to follow our own inner compass- the higher wisdom of our heart- with strength and clarity and trust, we will always know our true path.

The Oracle, that connection to my own divinity, all that is sacred in how I communicate and commune with the world, is alive in me every day. The path of the Oracle is in all I do. 

The Oracle in me touches all of my life, like the golden light of the Sun.

The Oracle in me sees the Oracle in you. If you'd like to tap into your own higher knowing, now is a perfect time to experience an Oracle Reading while sessions are 20% off this month (see below)! I'd be so honored to help guide you in this sacred work of knowing your divine truth. 


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Thank you for being here. Thank you for your love and support, and for taking a moment to read my words during this most exciting and activating time of transformation on our beautiful planet. Yes, it's intense. Yes, it's uncharted territory. Yes, so much is coming up individually and collectively. But remember, it's truly a gift to be here at this time.

May every word of this letter bless you with love, peace, and joy.

And so it is. Blessed Be. Jai Ma.

Breathing in love, exhaling in gratitude,


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
~May all beings in the world be happy and free~