I Found The Milky Way Within Me


September has arrived, and we feel the strength of new energy shifting our inner and outer environments. As the slowness of Summer (or Winter for some of you) begins to wind down, we are being invited to bring our focus to the work we do in the world. It’s time to tune into the details, get organized and productive!


The New Moon in Virgo that just occurred on August 30th sets the template for the month ahead, and it is a powerful new beginning for our daily routines, our self-care, our work. This is a perfect opportunity to set yourself up with new daily rituals, new health practices, new ways of doing your work. Virgo is the energy of organization, purification, and clear thinking.

The biggest invitation from this New Moon asks you to consider how you are in service to the world: How is your work sacred? How can you be in greatest service to the world through your unique gifts? What can you do to expand your work in a way that truly serves others? What does the full embodiment of your authentic gifts look like?

We are all being asked to step up into new levels of our work and our healing journeys. The cosmos supports us in this time of tremendous expansion, and we are being asked to rise up into our true divine power so we may embody our soul purpose fully and completely.


In honor of the New Moon, I shared a Cacao Ceremony as I always do to best work with these natural cycles. Virgo is the archetype of the Priestess, the Healer, and the humble Servant, and I felt these energies in full force in my body as I prepared for the ceremony. I offer these heart-opening ceremonies regularly, and have done so with devotion for the last few years. This particular ceremony expanded my awareness around the power of this offering, and how the authentic embodiment of my personal daily rituals has become my way of being in sacred service to others. What was once a private daily Cacao Ceremony for myself in the beginning has evolved into an act of service for my local community, it is an expansion of my spiritual practice shared to help others in their healing.

Long before Cacao came into my life, I was always creating ceremony daily, ritualizing all aspects of life and aligning with the Divine in all things, which has ultimately become the foundation of all of my offerings. I see how many of my own personal practices and rituals have become my greater work in the world. I see how being in service to myself has expanded into being in sacred service to others. I see how the stillness and peace I have cultivated within myself through my spiritual practices has become a powerful foundation for the sacred containers I create for others.


The New Moon ceremony was held outside on my desert land, our sacred circle held and supported by the earth for this Virgo Moon, and the dark moon-less sky was lit up by the countless stars that so few of us can usually see at night. The Milky Way and shooting stars blessed our ceremony with their divine presence, and during this time I remembered what it felt like to be under the magnificence of the desert night sky when I first moved to Joshua Tree in 2011. I had never lived under such a visible night sky before, and living alone in a cabin in a remote part of the desert made the experience of the night all the more powerful.

In my heart-opened state during ceremony, I recalled how in the first few months I lived out here the overwhelming energy of the night sky and all of its brilliance and cosmic power and dark mystery would terrify me. Looking up at this new sky, my knees would tremble bearing witness to the power of the mystery. Seeing the infinite stars in the sky made me feel so tiny and insignificant in contrast to the magnificent expanse of the universe that has no end, no beginning, no form. Consistently, each night I would walk out of the shelter of my cabin and look up at the stars, feeling nearly queasy at times and only able to take it in for a few minutes then go back indoors to digest. Of all my experiences living in nature involving rattlesnakes and black widows and coyotes and scorpions and sketchy humans and all of the shadow secrets the desert holds, it has been the night sky that has frightened me the most. I was afraid of the power of the universe.

The force of the dark divine sky no longer scares me. I have come a long way in my journey since those first few months of infancy in the desert. I know now the fear I felt then was the feeling of separation. I saw the sky, the stars, the entire universe as outside of me, separate from me. I was disconnected to the power of the cosmos and the Divine, and this mysterious power scared me. And more accurately, what I know now in looking back is that I was afraid of my own true power.

I know now that I am part of the universe, the cosmos. The stars and galaxies are all within me. I look up now and see the reflection of that which dwells within me. The power of the cosmos is within me.

And the power of the cosmos is within you. This is the power that each of us are being asked to awaken to and activate now through our sacred work.

The energy of this New Moon has greatly reinvigorated me around the mysterious work I do in the world and how this work is about honoring all that is sacred. I am reminded that I am here to help others slow down and honor the natural cycles with intention. I am here to help others awaken to the sacred that is in all things. I am here to create beauty out of everything that is before me, and to help others see the beauty in the mundane. I am here to help others see their own divinity within.

The role of Priestess is alive and awakened within me
, and while it remains a mysterious path, I know with crystal clarity that anchoring this energy is what I’m here to do at this time of great change on our planet. This is my authentic, unique way of being in sacred service to the world. By fully embodying the mystery, and aligning with my divinity, I offer my greatest self to the world and awaken to my true divine power.

By embodying my divine truth, I am able to be in greatest service to you in awakening to yours.

We all have our different, unique ways of showing up in the world. And the world is demanding each of us to bring forth what is true and authentic within to be in greatest service to the world. The world needs your truth. Each of us has important work to do here, and it is time for us to rise up into our true power and embody our great work and support one another in all that makes us different and unique and essential to the whole.

Let me know how I may be in divine service to you, dear one. Let me know how my words resonate with you, and if I can help you in your path of awakening to the divine power within you. Know I am always here supporting you in your journey, wherever you are on your own unique path.

(Also, please let me know if you'd like to be added to the Cacao Ceremony invite list to join forth-coming ceremonies!)


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Thank you for being here. Thank you for your love and support, and for taking a moment to read my words during this most exciting and activating time of transformation on our beautiful planet. Yes, it's intense. Yes, it's uncharted territory. Yes, so much is coming up individually and collectively. But remember, it's truly a gift to be here at this time.

May every word of this letter bless you with love, peace, and joy.

And so it is. Blessed Be. Jai Ma.

Breathing in love, exhaling in gratitude,


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
~May all beings in the world be happy and free~

~Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha~