We find ourselves on the other side of an immense Eclipse portal, a time of tremendous change that has impacted us individually and collectively. It might not be clear for you exactly what has changed, or what the next steps are. You might be feeling discomfort more than anything, uncertain of what the future looks like. You are not alone in this!

The Eclipses impacted each of us in different ways, and some of us know quite clearly what was dismantled in our lives. It might’ve been a very literal letting go of a person, job, or place. Or it might’ve been more internal emotional experiences of letting go of old beliefs and constructs. For others, maybe it’s totally unclear how the Eclipses impacted your life. And the truth of it is that many of us may not know for quite some time what the impact has been, as it might take the next 3-6 months for the changes to reveal themselves to you in form.

The effects of Eclipses last for the following 6 months, and this particular portal was of life-changing proportion beyond the typical energies. What you released during these Eclipses is permanent. This is your evolution and expansion taking place. You still might be reeling from the process, but do your best to remember this is all for your greater good, truly.

So what happens now that we’re out of the Eclipse portal?

Now, we integrate.

Integration is the single most important element to any kind of healing, spiritual, or transformational experience. Integration is where we weave the gifts of any given experience into our life moving forward, for our personal expansion and soul growth. Integration is the space we give ourselves to fully receive the lessons, and adjust to what has changed. Integration enables us to benefit from significant life experiences in a way that truly serves us, as we honor the cycles of change.

I’ve created some guidelines for you to work with so that you may fully integrate this epic Eclipse Season in the highest possible way. Please share this Eclipse Integration Guide with others who may be going through a difficult time!



1) Rest, slow down, be gentle with yourself: Whether you’re aware of it or not, your body has been through significant changes during the Eclipses, so take extra care to allow your body to rest as it integrates these changes. You might find yourself to be exhausted post-Eclipses, so honor your body’s need to slow down as it does the work it needs to do to adjust to all that has changed both internally and externally. Take time for yourself, ramp up your self-care, nap, meditate, do yoga, create peaceful spaces in your environment to be alone and be still.

2) Hydrate: Replenish your system by drinking plenty of water. Help all that has been released during the Eclipses to move through your body fully by staying hydrated with clean water, juices, and hydrating fresh foods.

3) Eat grounding foods: Anxiety or feeling ungrounded can result from intense energies or big changes in your life. Eating foods that keep you connected to the grounded energy of the earth will support you. Think root vegetables, mushrooms, grains + beans.

4) Stay connected with the daily rhythms of nature: Wake with the Sunrise, take a moment to honor the setting of the Sun at the end of the day, spend time outside in nature, put your bare feet on the Earth, be aware of the Moon cycles and work with them to help anchor new energies within you. Connecting with nature daily helps remind you of the support of the Earth and Cosmos that is always there for you.

5) Journal: There is a lot to process and so much can come through reflective writing. If you find yourself mentally exhausted and overthinking, take time to write everyday. This helps to release old energy and is a deeply healing practice.

6) Pay attention to signs, synchronicities, and dream messages: This is a ripe time for higher guidance to be coming to you, giving you support, affirming all that has changed is in alignment for your path, and helping to guide you moving forward. Write down the significant messages that come to you during this time.

7) Connect with others: Process your experiences with others. Talking with trusted friends can help bring depth of understanding and discovery through verbal communication. Reaching out when you need to and regularly connecting with others and sharing will help you feel supported and know you are not alone in this time of great change.

8) Work with a mentor/teacher/healer: This is no time to do the work alone. If you're not already working with a professional to help you move through emotional/spiritual healing processes, now is the time to find a facilitator (like myself) to assist you in your integration. It might be through spiritual guidance, bodywork, astrology, therapy, or energy healing that you are able to strengthen your healing process and release old energy. It's so important to be supported by another in a held container on an on-going basis in your journey of transformation.

9) Trust the process: There is still much to be revealed, and right now each step is a journey in of itself. As what no longer serves continues to fall away, you might still be asked to move through challenging experiences and difficulties. You might be completely unsure of what’s next in your life. Trust that was has been released and all that has changed during this last cycle is aligning you with your Truth. Trust that you are being held by Divine Love throughout it all. Trust that there are gifts awaiting you greater than you can imagine. Trust that if you allow yourself to do so, that you may experience gifts in every present embodied moment.

10) Stay heart-open: Keep your heart open (especially if you have experienced heartbreak of any kind during this time) and let your vulnerability become your strength and your guide as you navigate the forward moving steps. Stay open to the possibilities of how your life can transform, and tune into your heart daily to know what’s right for you every step of the way. Life may look very different for you in the future from where you are today. Do your best to stay present, grateful, and heart-centered, allowing the joy of the unknown to become your greatest source of power.



As always, the Cosmos are on our side, and while we are indeed put through very trying, intense times there is always a divinely timed opportunity for coming into stillness and peace to pause and integrate. This post-Eclipse opportunity is this Wednesday’s New Moon in Leo, which offers a sense of reprieve and joyful energy to support your time of integration.

Leo embodies creativity, courage, and love. This New Moon brings you bravely into the heart space, supporting your ability to become still, ask your heart for guidance, and listen for the responses. Work with this New Moon to maximize your integration of the Eclipses by creating sacred space to direct your focus inward and reflect, connecting with the wisdom of your heart.

Take time on Tuesday or Wednesday to embrace this New Moon pause, to help integrate all that has changed from the Eclipses, and to allow heart-based visions for new creations to be seeded. Make sure you have a lit candle present to work with Leo's fire energy, and offer your intentions to the flame. You can do this verbally or write down your intentions and offer the paper to the flame and place in a fire-safe container. Plant the ashes like seeds into the Earth. Perform this ritual holding the awareness that transformation happens in the fire, and let your creative spirit grow. 


If you need help remembering your truth and need support during these transformational times, I am here for you. Womb Chakra Healings help you to clear karma, trauma, and heartbreak and to embody your divine power, Oracle Readings help you to come into clarity about your path, Sacred Nourishment Sessions help you to strengthen your self-care and spiritual practices, and Cacao Ceremony helps you to access the truth of your heart.


May you integrate this Eclipse Season in the highest possible way for the evolution of your soul. May the gifts received during this time bloom within your heart more and more everyday. May the Love within you be your anchor of peace and strength in this most exciting time of change. 

New Moon Blessings to you. Thank you for being here and doing the work with me.

I love you,