It’s no small thing to be in your truth. As we continue to ride the waves of change, diving deeper into the depths of transformation and surrendering to the evolutionary flow, we find more and more what is true for us as the old ways of existing fall away. The more that old patterns and beliefs dissolve, the more we are able to clearly tune in with what is true within the heart. An acceleration of healing and awakening is taking place now, activating more of our truth and giving us the heart-opening support to be free to live authentically.


It took 30 years for me to begin to live authentically. I am a college-educated woman on an awakened path who began dismantling old structures and beliefs and fully plunging into this work in 2011 when I left behind all I knew and moved from the city to live in an isolated part of the desert in solitude. I found myself deep in spiritual practice, tending to all aspects of living and daily reality on my own - a radical shift from life pre-desert. My healing, self-care, and spiritual practice exists in direct tandem to daily chores, building my work, and supporting myself as I learn continuously how I can best be in service and embody my divine purpose more and more everyday. It's a brand new reality from life as I knew it before, and it's still evolving.

My heart-path is a highly unique and uncharted journey, and it’s as mysterious to me as it certainly appears to others. It requires a tremendous amount of trust, surrender, and devotion. It requires showing up everyday for myself, for my work, for my service to others. And truthfully every day I am challenged by this way of being in the world. I have taken on a lot of responsibility in the name of this heart-guided path. There are no guidelines for me to follow other than my own guidance, and I am learning every step of the way as I pave my own authentic path.

Many people who have just known me in the desert years have no idea how far I have come in my journey just to arrive here, and how radically transformed my life has become and how different I was before.

Instead of pursuing a Master’s degree I was guided to live in the desert alone where I didn’t know a single person, a path that proved to be a far more expansive education in my artistic / emotional / spiritual / human / soul growth than any school could have offered me. Following my heart to the desert enabled me to learn the language of nature, the cosmos, vibration and energy. Living in the desert has been an education in the greatest of mysteries.

This is a challenging, complex path I am living in what appears to be a very simple life, and every day feels like an initiation of trust as more of reality as we’ve known it continues to collapse. Living in the desert is anything but simple and easy, as inherent to its beautiful intensity it continuously brings to the surface what’s in need of healing.

And yet there’s no other way I could possibly live than by the guidance of my heart. I have chosen this and it has chosen me. I may make choices that others don’t understand, and perhaps I sometimes don’t understand intellectually myself. What I do understand is the higher intelligence of the heart knows more about where I’m going than my mind. I understand tuning into my heart is how I align with my unique authentic self, and how I live my greatest life. There’s no other way for me to experience joy than by embodying my true path, my heart’s truth. There’s no greater joy than living authentically.


And still, every day during these intensely shifting times, there is uncertainty. There is the knowing that things are drastically changing, and what the future holds is unclear, for all of us.

Even when it feels like I am uncertain of everything, there are three things I know for certain:

The first thing I always know is that I have the support of incredible humans surrounding me every single day. While I live a solitary life I could not do this alone. I am *so grateful* for the people in my life. I feel the power of my community both locally and remotely and how that strengthens me and nourishes me. The greatest challenges have come my way this past year, and at no point have I ever felt abandoned or alone even if physically alone. Beloveds have shown up to support me in the most divinely timed ways. Many times someone has angelically appeared at my side on the heels of devastation to hold me through it. And there are those whose energy I feel so strongly in my heart that I feel held even if no contact is made. This loving support shows up in all kinds of ways, whether through emotional or practical means, I always feel held as I continue to navigate the unknown path, one step at a time. 

The second thing I know for certain is that I am here in divine service to you. I am held by others when I need it, and through the loving support of amazing soul family and community, I am able to hold you when you need it.

I know that I am able to receive the greatest gifts by embracing the challenges. I know the gifts I receive through my dedicated work becomes a gift I share with others. All that I learn in my journey of healing and expansion I share with others - with you - to help you in your own path.

The third thing I know with certainty is I am held by the Divine in every moment -even when I’m not feeling connected. As are you. The Divine holds each of us through these changing times, and we don’t even need to ask for this support. We are each divinely supported, held, and loved, always.

This is no time to be doing the work alone. 

We are in these transformational times together. We are here in it together. We are here to support each other through these changes and all of the ways it plays out in our individual lives. We are here to support each other in living our authentic truth.

Know that you too are surrounded by support. Reach out to someone if you need it, be brave in your vulnerability. This might even be as simple and courageous as making eye contact with a stranger and saying hello with a smile, just to simply feel connected with another if just for a moment. Knowing that in that moment of connection, you are on common ground, breathing the same air, hearts opened with this gesture of love.

Know that I am here supporting you in your journey of healing and awakening, always. 


The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs Thursday, August 15th, and invites you to radiate your authentic truth with freedom. Be free to shine your divine unique light in the world. This Full Moon is a great time to give gratitude for your community and all who support you. After moving through the most intense passage of the year with the July Eclipses, you can use this time to acknowledge the support of those who surround you, and all the ways in which people have been there for you in these intense times. 



In my last newsletter, I shared guidelines on how to integrate all that the Eclipses brought up and out of our lives. It’s so important to take the steps to integrate big shifts that happen in life and by doing so, you enable yourself to fully receive the lessons, the healing, the gifts. If you missed reading the integration guidelines I wrote, I also created a video about how to integrate the intense Eclipse energies of July!


If you need help remembering your truth and need support during these transformational times, I am here for you. Womb Chakra Healings help you to clear karma, trauma, and heartbreak and to embody your divine power, Oracle Readings help you to come into clarity about your path, Sacred Nourishment Sessions help you to strengthen your self-care and spiritual practices, and Cacao Ceremony helps you to access the truth of your heart. Scroll below for more info on my offerings.


Thank you for being here. Thank you for your love and support, and for taking a moment to read my words during this most exciting and activating time of transformation on our beautiful planet. Yes, it's intense. Yes, it's uncharted territory. Yes, so much is coming up individually and collectively. But remember, it's truly a gift to be here at this time.

May every word of this letter bless you with love, peace, and joy.

And so it is. Blessed Be. Jai Ma.

Breathing in love, exhaling in gratitude,


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
~May all beings in the world be happy and free~