Finding Peace Within the Winds of Change


The end of Spring winds are ushering in, clearing the path for a new season to begin. Life is changing at a rapid speed, and with so much being swept up to the surface to be dealt with, it’s incredibly important to remember how to keep steady while navigating the unknown path.

By aligning yourself with the natural cycles of the universe, you’re able to work with continuous opportunities to come into clarity about what isn’t working for you anymore and what it is that you intend to embody moving forward. The Moon cycle supports each of us in this process, and taking a moment to tune in with the New Moon and Full Moon as they continuously come, you continuously come into present time and assess where you are in your journey, what needs to be refined, what needs to be released, what needs to be celebrated. The divine design of the Moon cycle helps you to do just that on-going, because change is the fundamental dynamic we must continuously learn how to embrace in this life.

Isn’t it beautiful to know that with all that changes in your life, that it’s the greater cosmic cycles that you can always count on for support? The daily foundation of the rising and setting Sun, and the 28-day cycle of the Moon moving through her phases are both the embodied examples and teachers of continuous change, yet you are also able to count on them for their steadfast divine support. While you may not know where you’ll be in two weeks from tomorrow’s New Moon, you do know that there will be a Full Moon then who will be there waiting for you wherever you may be in your path! And if this New Moon passes you by without the opportunity for you to connect with your intentions, you can count on another New Moon being there for you in 28 days.

This is Divine Love. You are always held, you are always supported. You are loved by this universe.


Tomorrow, June 3rd at 3:02 am PDT we experience a New Moon in Gemini. This is your opportunity to go inward, reflect, and assess what’s happening in your life. This is your time to set your intentions for the next cycle. Gemini is an air sign, a very stimulating energy of dualistic nature that be highly activating mentally and socially. While the benefits of this sign are a light-hearted, talkative and playful energy, you might also be experiencing ungrounding, anxiety, and distraction.

Gemini can help us learn to find the stillness in the present moment. This may seem contrary to the nature of Gemini: stimulation, mental activity, curiosity, quickness, communication. But this is where we can work with energy which is dominant and potentially overly-abundant and bring in balance. There’s a gift to be found in that which is uncomfortable, and with the energy of the Gemini Sun aligning with the Gemini Moon, the restlessness and indecisiveness you may be experiencing can become your golden opportunity to come into the present moment, and align with the peace that is always within.

When the winds of Gemini are blowing through and creating more movement than you can handle, work with its air element to anchor yourself into the present movement through your breath. Remember to breathe in moments of stress, confusion, and challenge.


Living in the high desert, I have developed a potent relationship with the wind. The wind in Joshua Tree can be very, very intense, especially during the Spring. The wind has become a great teacher for me, and I value the tests it blows into my days. When the wind arrives it blows away the presence of peace in my external environment. The wind can be so overwhelming at times that there is no ability to carry on with the normal tasks of the day. I remember a day years ago when I was planning to depart for a road trip, that the wind was so intense I had to leave a day later that I planned, because packing the car in that state was absolutely impossible. I had to surrender.

The wind can be maddening, making one unable to think clearly or hear one’s own thoughts at all. The wind demands surrender. Resisting the wind creates frustration, anxiety, and stress. Surrendering to the wind is letting go of control. Surrendering to the wind is going with the flow.

Surrendering to the wind is an invitation to remember the peace that dwells within. This is now my experience with the wind. It strengthens my awareness of the peace that is always present within me, and that I need only come into the present moment to become aware of this peace.

Peace always exists within us. We can find it in any moment in a single breath.

What this Gemini New Moon helps us strengthen becomes a great asset in these chaotic times. When we are able to align with our inner peace amidst the great winds of change, we come into self-mastery. When we remember that peace is present within no matter how chaotic the external world appears, we align with our authenticity. When we embody peace we extend this energy into the world.

Our individual embodiment of peace becomes a blessing for the world.


Make the most of the New Moon energy by taking the time to write down your intentions for this next cycle. Gemini is all about communication and writing, so putting your reflections down on paper will be greatly supported by this Moon. Before you begin, ensure you have a quiet space to focus and write. Put your hand to your heart, and take a deep breath and feel the energy of Gemini air expand open your heart. Ask what your heart wants to communicate with you. Let your heart be your guide in setting your intentions.

What is the truth of your heart at this time? Write your intentions until you know in your heart you’ve aligned with your truth. Consider reading aloud what you’ve written to the Moon, verbally communicating your heart’s intentions as a powerful way to connect with this energy. And when you’re complete, take another deep breath, feeling the intentions you’ve written out expanding into every space of your body and becoming activated, and then deeply exhale, sending out your intentions into the world through your sacred breath.


In these transformational times when so much is out of our control, we must remember the ways in which we do have control in every single moment. We can always reach for a loving act of self-care through thought, action, or feeling. It’s a gift that’s always available to you, in every single breath.

I am here to help guide you in your journey of transformation. If you need help accessing the love within yourself, please scroll down to see the ways you can work with me and visit my website for in-depth info and to book a session.

May this New Moon bring you into alignment with your heart's authentic truth.

I love you,