The Golden Oracle: A Divine Message of Love

~~~It is time to speak our voices in the name of Divine Love~~~


Did you see the Sun rise today? Our generous Sun, that one that rises every day, whose lights touches everything. The Sun that allows us to see. Perhaps you missed seeing it rise in the East, and perhaps you missed seeing it descend in the West, but you notice the darkness when it is gone. 

Perhaps you have noticed a lot of lives have been in deep transformation. If not yourself, you surely know several people who have experienced dramatic life shifts in this last year. We are in a powerful season of transformation, and presently, what has been expressed in our own individual lives is now being expressed globally. Whether or not you have personally had a major life shift recently, we are now collectively experiencing a massive change together as a result of the election. Our individual experiences are now united as We. 

The days are suddenly different. 

And as goes with change, it doesn’t feel good. It is uncomfortable, it is unfamiliar. We are clinging to what we knew from before. Holding on to what no longer is, making the process all the more painful. And we are projecting, creating binds of fear that shorten our breath and bring us to our knees as we haunt ourselves with ideas of what life will look like moving forward with this new administration. 

And we turn on one another. We blame the ones who don’t see, who didn’t vote, who are closed. We are slipping into the greatest divide our country has known. We allow this election to poison our relationships with others. We feed our toxic fear. We fall into the darkness of the widening fracture in the earth that separates us. 

This was a change we thought we had a choice in making, but with the players at hand, we are in surrender to something bigger at hand. Most of us didn’t see this coming, though when you step back to look at the bigger picture, we begin to realize the situation is so outrageous, so extreme, so wild, that something bigger at work must be at hand. Something that few of us can make sense of right now, and only by trusting the greater good is at work, can we proceed with power in this chosen reality. 

Chosen. Because we chose this, whether we care to believe it or not. The same way we choose the lives we are born into and are dealt cards which we are designed to overcome for our own personal evolution, the results of this election was something we collectively chose regardless of who we consciously voted for. For we need this president to evolve as a planet. We chose to be here on this planet during the time of this Trump presidency. We are needed during this time of great planetary awakening.

We are awakening to this chosen reality and what it represents: The end of patriarchy. We are in a time of the Divine Feminine coming back into power, and in order for us to reach this place, we must release what no longer serves us. We are being initiated into this new time, and for our planet to birth this time of Divine Feminine consciousness, we must experience death. Together, we are in a global journey descending into the Underworld. 

This Trump presidency is death. This is the last leg of a corrupt patriarchy that has silenced and disempowered women for far too long. It is necessary for us to take this journey in order for the Divine Feminine to emerge with power like never before. This is the end of Patriarchy. Together we tread through the dark passageway of shadow initiations, and committed to this path, together we emerge back into the light, birthed into new planetary consciousness. 

This is what will happen as a result of this election.

We recognize that the grotesque nature of our new president as a powerful sign that the old paradigm patriarchy is breaking down. We see that this is the last ditch effort to hold onto the power they know they are losing by any means necessary. We know this is the last time this will happen, and the collapse is coming soon, making way for the New Way.

We recognize that the most powerful force on the planet was not present during the election: Love. How many votes were cast out of fear? There was no foundation of love to carry Hillary into victory. We see now that electing a president based on fear only for us to slip back into a complacent life again does not create the change so direly needed on this planet. It is Trump who is the catalyst for great change. It is Trump who activates an impassioned global leadership of the Divine Feminine to rise up into power. It is Trump, the one who represents all of the mass destruction during this time of an imbalanced, corrupt patriarchy. This is what we need to happen for women to truly rise up and step into power, voices heard in unity. 

We feel this loss of love in our government. We feel this loss of love between one another. We feel this loss of love for our future. 

We feel the great need to heal this loss, and to heal our hearts. We feel the great need to join together as a United Global Community, so that we may embark on this journey with strength and power. We feel the great need to take the first step towards embracing this journey towards higher planetary consciousness. 

How do we do this? 

It begins with love. 

It continues with love.

It ends with love.

It begins again with love.


Our voices in unity, lovingly declare:

We release anger toward one another, we bridge our divide with love. We offer compassion to the ones we don’t agree with, the ones who hold opinions so differently from our own. We accept that this election campaign was a monstrous creation filled with manipulation and mind control that so many are susceptible to. We offer loving compassion to the ones who are powerless to the machine.

We embrace that all of our hearts are pure.

We release fear towards the Trump administration. We acknowledge that this is divinely orchestrated, and that no matter how challenging it is to understand, we accept this is in the name of the highest good for our planetary evolution.

We embrace that Trump is our catalyst to create true change for the highest good. We embrace that this opportunity for global change would not have been possible otherwise. We embrace that Trump needed to win the election for our planetary evolution. 

We release resistance. We embrace this great wave of change and ride with it, surrendering all that we do not understand about the past and do not know of the future. We remain in the present moment.

We embrace that this is the golden opportunity for the Divine Feminine to rise up, in balance with the Divine Masculine. We are grateful for what Hillary showed the world: That we are ready for a female leader to make radical changes in this world. We accept that Hillary is not the one to lead us forward, we accept that there is a greater feminine force rising.

We release this broken political system. We invite the New Way to rise up. We call in a total reformation in government and leadership.

We embrace that in order for a Divine Feminine leadership force to rise up, we need an old paradigm patriarchal figure to be brought into power, to activate the global community of female leaders to create the New Way. We understand that were Hillary to have won the election, all that is broken in our corrupt government and our world would’ve remained so. We embrace that this election is our golden opportunity to rise up and activate a Divine Feminine global leadership. We call forth these leaders to come into loving action now.

We release self-victimization. We honor our own sovereign power. We accept that no matter who is in office, we are in control of our own happiness. We will no longer give our power away to these leaders. We accept that we are responsible for our own personal happiness. 

We embrace our global community. We recognize that all nations are one, all people are our relations, all life on this planet is a unique piece of our greater whole. We see that it is only by joining together in the name of love that we are able to move into higher planetary consciousness.

We release fighting in all forms. We release the waging of war within our relationships and our countries. We recognize our voices are truly heard when action is founded on love. We understand that anger and fighting widens the divide. We recognize it no longer serves to fight for our lives, moving forward we love for our lives.

We embrace our voices. We recognize the power and beauty of each of our unique voices, and that by using them collectively in the name of love, we create an empowered global community that calls for the New Way. We call forth a symphony of voices to continue to speak out in the name of Divine Love for All. 

We release the reality of fear. We embrace the reality of love.

We embrace this journey into the Underworld. We embrace the unknown. We embrace trust. We embrace the New Way. 

We embrace passionate self-love, knowing that love for ourselves is the foundation for loving unconditionally.

We embrace unconditional love for All That Is.

We declare our love for life is so vast and great that this reality of fear can no longer exist. This fear-based reality can no longer exist because we love so much, because we love ourselves so much, that this force of love becomes so powerful it transmutes all negativity into beauty. It is our collective love that will Triumph during this time of great transformation.

We send our collective love to Trump and his administration. We are grateful for the great opportunity his presidency gives the world for creating planetary change for the highest good of all.

And so it is lovingly declared.


There is a poem waiting to be written, it is hidden within the shadows in each of our hearts. Each of us carries a different word of this poem, and it is by connecting with one another, communicating, and sharing our hearts that we discover what each unique word we carry within us, that once brought out of the darkness into the light, becomes an integral illuminated piece to the greater poem. This poem can only be written by opening our hearts with one another. Let us write this poem together. We will sing this poem into being, dancing from dawn into the dark night for all of the universe to bear witness to our joy in having discovered the beauty in the shadows. 

And so, beloveds, we reach out to one another, we connect with one another. We gather, we create, we share, we cry, we dream, together. We hold one another. We sit in silence together. We create nourishing meals to enjoy together. We drink tea together. We walk in nature together. We laugh, and we laugh, and we laugh. 

We stay in present time. 

With your hand to your heart, breathe in deeply. The Divine Love that dwells within you is always there. Feel the vibration of your beating heart. Feel the vibration of all the hearts on the planet, beating together. We are a global family. We connect with one another by tuning into our hearts, and feeling the love we have for ourselves. 

Everyday, the Sun rises, the plants grow, and the birds sing. Everyday, we smile at one another, we create new visions, and we share our hearts. Everyday, we embrace the richness of this beautiful existence. 

This is how we live in the reality of love. Everyday, we are bathed in the light of the rising Sun after embracing the dark of the night. The light of the Sun always comes again. 

May we all stand together tomorrow to watch the Sun rise, singing our songs of love for this beautiful world.

Blessed Be. 

Infinite Love,


The Golden Oracle Priestess of the Dove


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