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Day Retreat ~ Sacred Self-Love

  • Desert Hot Springs, CA (map)
Sunday, September 22nd, 5pm
Desert Hot Springs
Please join me and incredible vocalist @odeyanini for a ceremonial celebration of Fall! We have been co-creating these sacred experiences together for 3 years, and love to open the portals during these powerful seasonal passages for receiving soul-level healing. Together we will all open our hearts in harmony with Sacred Cacao, Song, and Sound and create a powerful container full of Divine Love. We will fully embrace the changing seasons surrounded by the elements at a private mineral springs property. ✨
We would be honored for you to join, please DM me your email and I will send you the complete details. It's always such an honor for me to offer the medicine of Cacao in ceremony, and to co-create with Odeya. My heart is already overflowing with love in gratitude! Also, you may DM me your email if you'd like to be added to my local events mailing list. ✨
Many blessings for a benevolent Fall Season to you! Love all-ways.✨

Sacred Self-Love: Cacao Day Retreat
Sunday, November 3rd, 2019, 11am-4pm
Bubbling Wells Ranch, Desert Hot Springs, CA

You are invited to surrender into the embrace of your own heart through the expansion of self-love. Sacred Self-Love is a daylight journey of opening your heart with Cacao Ceremony, Reiki Healing, Hot Springs, Self-Inquiry, Group Support, Mantra, and more.

This intimate daytime retreat will be held on a private desert mineral springs oasis. We will be incorporating the mineral hot springs and a cool mineral water lake as part of the experience. This land is truly special and holds a very sacred energy, full of wildlife, canopies of old-growth trees, and vibrating with love.

Sacred Self-Love is held as a ceremonial container, where we invite in the highest level of healing to your heart in sacred space. This retreat is full of heart-opening medicine of the highest vibration. You will be invited to learn how to truly love yourself, supported by Cacao medicine, supported by the sacred land, and supported by each other.

Cacao Medicine is a powerful facilitator for opening the heart and accessing your truth from a place of gentleness and compassion. Cacao Spirit helps us learn how to love ourselves more by inviting us to see what hides in our hearts that is in need of our attention and love. Cacao helps us to bring wholeness to our hearts, which strengthens our foundation of self-love and empowers us to walk in the world with purpose and authenticity guided by our radiant loving hearts.

We will begin our time together with Cacao Ceremony, inviting the spirit of Cacao to open our hearts and guide the journey into expansive healing throughout the day. Each participant will receive individual Reiki Healing, and in addition to group sharing and heart opening practices, you will have opportunity to privately connect with the land and all that dwells there.

This sacred retreat will help you open into the truth of your heart and learn how to love all aspects of who you are with unconditional love and compassion. In this safe space, you will be invited to acknowledge what you are needing to release to bring healing and expansion into your life and provide you with the tools to do so. You will be invited to set your intention for your path moving forward with a wide-open heart.

By working together with intention in sacred circle, great levels of heart expansion and healing are made possible. The power of our individual healing work becomes magnified and strengthened in a group container, making great transformation possible.

This immersion into the heart is for you if you are ready to take your healing journey to the next level, and expand into your most authentic radiant self.

Retreat includes:

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Individual Reiki Healing

  • Natural Hot Springs + Mineral Water Lake

  • Nourishing plant-based bites + snacks

  • Group work + solitary work

  • Heart opening practices to use in your daily life

  • Integration Guide to take home with you

Please bring:

  • Your intention for this sacred retreat

  • An open heart ready to receive divine love

  • A water bottle for hydration

  • Bathing suit + towel

  • Ceremonial layers for covering up when not in water

  • A journal and writing tools

  • A cushion to sit upon on the earth (ground mats are provided for outdoor ceremony)

  • An item for the altar (you'll take it back home with you afterwards)

  • Plan to put away your phone and devices during the time of ceremony so you may be fully present and able to receive the benefits of the experience in the best possible way

Guidance to enhance your experience with Cacao Spirit: 

  • Avoid eating a heavy meal 2-3 hours before the ceremony.

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, meat (at the very least avoid pork + beef) and all other altering influences the day of the retreat (and to receive the healing energy in the best way, it’s recommended to observe this 24 hours before and 24 hours after the retreat).

  • Drink water throughout the day prior to the retreat.

  • To best integrate your time in this sacred retreat, it's best to not have anything planned for afterwards aside from restful activities.

Exchange: $108 


Spaces are limited, so we recommend confirming your participation sooner than later! Please email with questions. Payment plans are accepted via Venmo! RSVP required to receive address and gate code.


It is an honor and blessing to share this sacred medicine, sacred land, and sacred space with others. With intentional heart-based inner work, you open yourself to navigating these changing times in the highest, best possible way. We look forward to going deep into the heartspace with you. Thank you for opening yourself to this important work!

Blessings + Love,
Angela + Rohini


Angela de la Agua is the Golden Oracle, your Ceremonial Priestess for the day. She has been sharing Cacao Ceremony since 2015, and long before then has helped others to awaken to the truth of their hearts in sacred containers through various spiritual practices. She radiantly walks her sacred path with high integrity, presence, and devotion. Angela offers herself in divine service to the world as a ceremonialist, healer, and teacher for her local desert community and beyond. She has been rooted full-time in Joshua Tree, CA since 2011 as a devoted initiate of the desert. Her solitary life in the desert is where she discovered her abilities to channel Divine energies to bring forth healing and transformation to the world through sacred nourishment, yogic arts, healing work, and laughter. <<<>>>

Rohini Walker is a Reiki Master Practitioner and will be offering individual Reiki healing. She has been practicing and teaching the traditional form of Japanese Usui Reiki since 2009, and is also a devotee of Cacao Spirit, as well as a long time desert dweller. Rohini is the Editor & Creative Director of Luna Arcana, a high desert arts & cultural print journal. <<<>>>

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