I invite you to take a deep breath right now. If you are standing, take a moment to have a seat if possible. Take a moment to be fully present as you read this. Feel yourself in the place you are sitting now. Notice every place where your body makes a connection to the ground, through the chair, the floor, the earth. Feel the sensation of this connection, feel yourself grounded by the earth that always supports you.

Bring your awareness back to your breath. I invite you to now take three long breaths in and out. Feel yourself coming into peace with each breath. Feel yourself coming into stillness. Feel the expansiveness of your lungs as they fill with air, and then release the air. Feel the sensation of each inhale and exhale, feel the breath that is always cycling within you.

Place your hand over your heart, and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat. If you can, place both hands there now. Notice the rhythm that your heartbeat makes. Close your eyes and feel this rhythm. Feel this vibration that is always running within you. Listen to this vibration.

Begin to think on something that brings you gratitude, joy, or love. Let yourself feel the opening of your heart as you focus on loving thoughts. Let everything else fall away. Let yourself be immersed in the feeling of an expanded heart, full of love.

When you are in this place of total heart-expansion, stillness, and presence, and you are fully engaged with awareness of your ever-beating heart, you have the ability to ask your heart for guidance. This is your opportunity to receive guidance from your heart about anything in your life. Any question you have at all, any confusion, any struggle, any distress that you’re carrying now can be brought forth to your heart.

Within your heart dwells all of the answers you seek.

Within your heart is your personal, unique truth.

Within your heart is the divine intelligence that knows the best steps for your path.

If you are blocked in this process unable to receive any messages, unsure if you are hearing your mind rather than your heart, or find yourself doubtful and unable to trust that which you receive from your heart, it’s natural and okay. Our lives in these times are constructed to be guided by what the mind believes to be true through logic and practicality. We often have a huge disconnect from our heart awareness that we must work through to strengthen and maintain. It is a practice of tuning your decision-making process inward, and asking for the heart’s guidance is a very different process and experience from what most of us are accustomed to. And it bears very different results.

I used to love making pro/con lists. Always a list-maker in general, nothing seemed like a more straightforward process for making a good decision than weighing out the pros and cons of any given situation. While I enjoyed the experience of outlining positives versus negatives, no matter how long or weighted one column would be, I would find myself still not feeling clear about what was the best choice through this process. Staring at a long list of pros or cons left me still confused, feeling there was something amiss, knowing that this wasn’t making me feel helped or secure in my decision.

Just recently, it occurred to me that I haven't made a pro/con list in many, many years. That practice naturally dissolved as I became more and more attuned to my own inner guidance system: 

The guidance that says to do something when I can come up with a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t. The guidance that says yes when everyone around me says no. The guidance that takes me to places that I couldn’t have dreamed up for myself through my mind. The guidance that comes from a place of pure love.

I know the journey of un-doing the old programs of making life choices based on the ego needs -choices often based upon fear- very well. I know the life lived that kept me running in self-limiting and self-destructing patterns and circles that kept me from moving forward in my journey with any sense of true direction.

The first time I truly followed the guidance of my heart and let go of fear-based decision making was my move to Joshua Tree in 2011, a place I knew nothing about aside from the national park, and knew no one who lived here. It was the single most transformative choice I’d made in my life at that point, and I felt the power of this heart-calling as it was forming within. I swiftly moved away from my city friends and home and all that was familiar and comfortable to land in the desert by myself, excited and alone in an isolated cabin with my cat, infinite stars and stillness singing to my soul. My mind couldn’t grasp early on really why I was here suddenly, but my heart was bursting with joy. I only knew it was the right choice for me to make, and I would soon realize it was the beginning of a brand new way of living life: Trusting the guidance of my heart above all things.

At this point in my constantly evolving journey, I am very accustomed to raised eyebrows in response to choices I make at times. The owning of your heart’s truth is a whole other level of the journey, and I can now meet skepticism with smiles and laughter, at ease with what I know is true for me, while honoring the different perspectives of others.

I am deep in the full embrace of a life journey guided wholly by my heart. It is a continuous initiation of self-trust. In these wildly transformative times, the practice of trusting your own guidance is becoming more and more essential to living your best possible life. In many ways that’s precisely what these chaotic times are here to serve us: The demand that we find our peace, our truth, within ourselves to truly embody our unique gifts and divine purpose on this planet. To bring peace and love to the planet by embodying peace and love within ourselves.

And being aligned with your heart’s truth is the embodiment of peace and love.

If you need help tuning into your heart’s wisdom, or wanting to know more about what all of this really means, I am here in divine service to you. There are many ways to assist in peeling back the layers of your heart to align with your truth. It would be my honor to help you in this work by working with you one-on-one through Oracle Readings (to help with your blocks), Womb Chakra Healing (which is directly connected to your heart), Sacred Nourishment Sessions (to expand your self-love practices), Cacao Ceremony (the ultimate plant ally for heart-opening), or Private Retreat with me right on my land (the birthplace of my own heart guided journey).

You deserve to live your life aligned with your authentic joy, your bliss. May your heart guide you with strength, wisdom, and trust, and may you enjoy every blessed step and breath of your journey all along the way. 

I love you,