Did you see the Sun rise today? This sacred time of day offers each of us the blessed daily opportunity to come into alignment, balance, and peace, setting us up to begin the day in harmonious relationship with nature, with ourselves, and with the world. At a time when so much is uncertain in life, you can always count on the rising of the Sun. By connecting with the Sunrise regularly, you invite in a relationship with that which is greater than you and which showers you with great healing and unconditional love.

Alongside daily sacred Sunrises, there is much happening in the sky, in the world, and in our lives. The wild energy of these days is directing us to find our inner balance, peace, and harmony within no matter what is happening on the outside.


The Full Moon rises today in Libra, the sign that embodies all that is relationship, the other, balance, peace, and harmony. There has been a huge emphasis on this energy for the last month. What makes today’s already powerful Full Moon all the more so is that it’s the second Full Moon in a row to rise in Libra. This is highly unusual, illuminating all that Libra symbolizes as an important teacher and guide in our personal lives. We’ve been on a deep journey with what Libra has activated in our hearts, beginning with the Spring Equinox Full Moon on March 20th, and now culminating the close of this energetic on today’s Full Moon.

Today is the time to reflect on the last month and recognize all that has come up for you in the relationship realm. Beyond simply our romantic partners, we experience different types of relationships with all people in our lives. And we are in relationship with nature. We are in relationship with the world, with ideas and beliefs, with the sacred, and with ourselves. What is your relationship to relationship? What is your relationship to the feminine, and to the masculine (energies rather than genders)? What have you noticed this last month coming up in your relationships?

This second Full Moon in Libra illuminates where we’ve experienced what is out of balance in our relationships. What is it that needs to shift within yourself to come into harmony within your dynamics with the other? What ways are you being asked to release what isn’t working anymore in your life to better enhance and strengthen your relationships? What is it you are being asked to let go of and set free, to come into harmony with how you relate to others? What is in need of transformation in your life to come into balance?

The Full Moon always occurs when it is opposite the Sun in the sky. They stand across each other, a great example of balance. The feminine energy of the watery Moon in balance with the masculine energy of the fiery Sun. And we are deeply immersed in a great time of shifting our whole world into balance, as we witness and experience the great push and pull of all that it takes to bring healing and transformation to the entire collective. As the power of the Divine Feminine reawakens within us more and more, we struggle to make sense of where this leaves the energy of the Masculine. For the Divine Feminine to truly access her full power, honoring the Divine Masculine is necessary for the world to come into balance and harmony.

All that happens in the greater world is showing up in our lives personally. While we struggle to collectively come into balance within the relationship of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, we struggle with these dynamics within our relationships and within ourselves.


We see the old sacred structures burning literally (both Notre Dame and an Islamic mosque on the same day) as holy days are about to be honored (Passover, Easter), and must reconsider what is our relationship to the sacred and why old ideas must experience death in order to experience rebirth. We have seen it enough in our lives to understand that rebirth always follows destruction, and that what comes next is necessary expansion and growth that can only be accessed through destruction. Transformation happens in the fire, this great divine energy that holds tremendous power and tremendous Love. The greater workings at play in destruction are founded in Love, for it is Divine Love that sees what no longer serves us and must be broken down in order for something truer and greater to be rebirthed from the process.

Through these types of world events, we can ask ourselves at this time: What is being asked to come into balance through destruction? Where is the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine out of balance? What can I do to bring these energies into balance within myself? 

I invite you to gaze upon the loss of sacred structures and all that’s falling away in your life through the lens of a compassionate heart. Mourn the release and shed your tears for what it meant to you personally, and let it go. This is not a punishment, this is not the end of the world, this is not vengeance from the Divine Feminine for past atrocities, this is a sacred and critical process of the natural cycles unfolding that ultimately are making the space for absolute beauty and Love to bloom where it could not before.

It is Divine Love that reminds us that nothing stays the same, everything changes and transforms, and when we lose what we’ve held upon tightly, we are asked to remember what remains true and constant regardless of outside conditions is Love. Rather than seeking or finding it outside yourself, it is the reminder that Love is always alive within you. You need only remember this. (If you struggle with knowing this, this is what I am here to help you with!)

Let this Love transform your perception. 

The Sun blooms this transformative Love upon us every single day. Whether or not you physically can see it or witness it, the Sun rises everyday. It takes a journey in the sky all day long, then descends and disappears in its nightly death. But it rises again, and we know that when it’s dark at night, the Sun still shines. That Love still burns bright even when it is not seen.

When all seems out of control and out of balance in your life, remember the Sun. This radiant source of light, heat, and energy that generously gives and gives and gives to you, asking nothing in return. When life is unbalanced and ungrounded, find your connection to the most simple and powerfully radiant presence in this life: the Sun.

See the Sun as a brilliant reminder of the Divine Love that is always alive within.


I invite you to gaze upon the morning Sun as it rises, to establish connection and relationship with one aspect in your daily life you can always count on coming again: The Sunrise. I created a video this week to inspire you to watch the Sunrise and make the most of that huge healing energy that’s available to you every single day regardless if you can see the Sun or not. I offer three simple techniques to anchor in the Sunrise energy to bring healing, balance, and harmony to your day ahead. (Video is also in this email below!)

Harness the power of the Sun to invite transformation into your life.

May you witness the Sunrise and receive it as a reflection of the radiant light that dwells within your heart always. 

May you spend time this weekend reflecting on all that you are grateful for in your relationships. Full Moons show us what needs to be seen and won’t remain hiding in the dark, but it is also a time to illuminate all of the gifts we have received in the last cycle.

Blessings to your Good Friday, Passover, and Easter to all who honor them, and happy Earth Day to you whom I am so honored to be in relationship with as we continue to walk this Earth journey together one step at a time.

May you be blessed by this Full Moon with harmony, peace, and love.

I love you,