I live my daily life in ceremony. Ceremony is a way of being, of aligning with the Divine. I find the sacred in the mundane, and see the beauty of all things and all that life is. My natural affinity for creating sacred space in my personal life effortlessly opened up a path for offering ceremony on a larger scale in service to others. 

For me, ceremony is the honoring of life: the shifts, the feelings, the visions, the present. My solitary life in the desert has attuned me to the awareness that every moment can be held in a sacred way, every step and breath taken can be done with intention, with love. In every moment transformation is available and possible if one chooses to work with the moment in an intentional way. Ceremony is where healing and transformation take place by releasing the constructs of reality, and allowing miracles to come forth by merging with the Divine.

The sacred container I create is an intimate expression of my pure heart. All aspects of my ceremonies are authentic to my personal spiritual practice. You can expect to be held in a safe, protected container that radiates with compassion, gentleness, peace, laughter, and divine love. My intention with all ceremony whether it is my own private experience or holding sacred circle with others is that the energy of the ceremony bless all beings present with Divine Love and that it may be a gift for the whole world. 



Sacred Cacao is a subtle, heart-opening plant medicine that can help bring healing, compassion, and truth to one’s life. Cacao teaches how to love ourselves more, helping us to love those in our lives more, and bring more love into the world. Cacao is on this planet to help us bring healing to the planet through love.

I began working with Sacred Cacao in a ceremonial way in 2014, after experiencing my first Cacao Ceremony with my teacher, Paola I’x of KakawSana. The heart-opening medicine called to me increasingly after that first ceremony, and so I began sitting daily with Cacao for over a year on my own and developed a deeply personal relationship with Cacao Spirit.

Paola and her partner Gustavo have been integral teachers for me on my path with Cacao, and I have spent time with them in Mexico going deep with the plant medicine. While it was never my intention to share ceremony myself, eventually the asking from others wanting to experience the medicine became so strong that with the blessing of my teachers, I officially offered my first Cacao Ceremony in 2015.

Sacred Cacao is a gentle planet teacher who takes you deep into the heart space. Cacao Spirit shows you what’s needed for the healing of your heart so you may expand your ability to love, impacting your life in an expansive way. By bringing wholeness to your heart, you enable yourself to radiate your greatest self in the world. Cacao helps us to shine our most radiant light in the world, benefiting our relationships, our work, our service, our purpose.

It is a great honor for me to share Cacao with others, and I am deeply grateful to the Mayans and all indigenous ones who have carried this medicine before me for making this path possible, and for giving permission for these sacred ceremonies to be shared with the world.

Locally, I offer Cacao Ceremony on an on-going basis for my Joshua Tree community. Ceremonies are often twice a month, honoring the lunar cycles of the New and Full Moons to enhance the benefits of the medicine. Please send your email to me if you’d like to be on the mailing list for these local ceremonies, or if you’d like to inquire about hosting a private ceremony and blessing your space with radiant love.

The three sacred cacao ceremonies Angela led that I participated in were nothing less than life changing events for me. Angela is truly a gifted priestess on the planet at this time. She creates a safe, open portal for divine guidance and healing to come in. During the ceremonies I was part of, the field she created allowed me to open up to profound levels of divinely inspired information for myself and others. Having studied and lived the path of the Holy Woman with such dedication, Angela has become a gifted ritual leader and Oracle of sacred wisdom.
— Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D. Founding Director, SevenSistersMysterySchool.com


I am available to create ceremony to honor these important passages in one’s life:

  • The birth of a child

  • The sacred union of two people in love

  • The parting of two people as they continue on their paths separately

I offer Baby Blessings, Marriage Blessings, and am ordained to join two people together in legal marriage.

Please connect with me for inquiries and rates.

Angela inspires me to imagine a different way of being in this world. Her presence in our community is one of healing and radiant love. After ceremony with Angela, I have felt subtle shifts in my thinking and connections with others and our earth. Everything she touches vibrates with vitality.
— Adriene Jenik, high desert resident and artist/educator

Photo:  Jenn Whitney


If you have a vision for a ceremony to honor something special in your life, I am naturally attuned to creating sacred space that will call forth the divine support needed for your vision. This may be honoring a special time of transition in your life, setting a significant intention, or birthing a new project into the world. I can be trusted with your vision to create a ceremony that is of the highest integrity and divinity for you, so that you may receive abundant blessings for your life.

Please connect with me for inquiries and rates. 

Angela is both a mystic and an alchemist. Her knowledge is like the deep blue sea... beautiful, courageous and expansive. Angela continues to grow, quietly shaping her world around her like the ancient ones building blocks one by one into her own temple. The sounds of her voice, her deep rich laugh, and the space that she holds is profound...
— Mikki Sage, writer, hausofsages.com, IG @sagelove