The summer has been hot. This marks my 8th summer spent full time in the desert, and while the heat isn’t necessarily any different from years past, and while I certainly know how to embrace the heat, the nature of these potent times makes the heat feel hotter. There has been a lot of fatigue, a lot of sweat, and a lot of shadow cast by the most light-filled days of the year here. There is so much being released during this time, through sleep, through sweat, through surrender. The shadow of summer is something I've come to embrace as a natural part of my life in the desert, but this time is different. The amplification of intense energies are felt by everyone, everywhere.

It’s been a summer like no other.

And because of it, it’s come to be the most beautiful summer. In this time of deep rest and reflection, I’m seeing ways in which I have dramatically shifted and transformed. Through the sticky slowed down pace, I am able to swiftly notice the stories running in my mind and am able to meet them with compassion, grace, and truth. I have seen that it is only my own resistance that makes challenging circumstances challenging. I am good at surrendering and letting go, but I’ve noticed my insistence on wanting to put a timetable to when I expect integration and rest should be complete. When I release the expectation, the benefit of the rest and release runs deepest and truest.

I have melted into true rest.

Since I’ve last written in depth, I completed two significant spiritual trainings, I experienced a powerful, restorative Vision Quest in the desert, I participated in all of the full-on magic that is the Spirit Weavers Gathering up in Oregon, and since returning home have been deep in integration and reflection all summer long. As much as I’ve wanted to move new projects and teachings forward, the heat, the eclipses, and the retrograde energies have not allowed for it. I’ve been mastering my ability to be present, and to trust in the divine timing of all things. Behind the sweat, I’ve noticed an inner calm that accepts and embraces all that is unknown.

The importance of integration is crucial after significant life experiences, whether that be a healing experience, ceremony, or initiation, and so this summer I have prioritized the medicine of integration above all other things. So much has happened in the last five months alone, and by honoring the space after big events with such awareness and care, I allow whatever shifts that have happened internally as a result of the events to gently guide my path moving forward.

I've been learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

All the slowed-down-summer-while, my sacred services continue to be embraced by others. I’m so grateful for the continuous flow of holding sacred containers through powerful Cacao Ceremonies, revelatory Oracle Readings, and the abundance of nourishing juices I’ve been creating for so many this summer. All the while, I learn the dance of showing up in service for others in the best possible way by honoring periods of deep rest and integration for myself on an ongoing basis. To do my best work in the world, I must take best possible care for myself. This is the devoted foundation for all of my work.

This is my message for you always.

I’ve taken a break from teaching yoga, and instead have been taking classes taught by others and witnessing my own yoga practice expanding more and more everyday. I’m taking my daily self-care to the next level by scheduling time for massages, Ayurvedic treatments, and mineral water soaks on a weekly basis. I’m holding my value high, and saying no to opportunities that are not in full alignment with my energy and path. I’m making the space for the new things that are blooming within me.

With strengthened self-care in place, the energy within me is now rising. I’m seeing it’s at last time to begin introducing some of my thus-far unknown work into the world. Gently, I begin the journey of another unknown path, with devotion, with sacrifice, with trust, with love. As has always been for me.

I invite you to join me in this journey.

***See below for my new offering***


Upcoming Events:

August 24th-26th, 2018
Joshua Tree, CA

This coming weekend in Joshua Tree, I’ll be sharing Cacao Ceremony on Saturday as part of a magical desert weekend retreat of wellness and magic. Hosted by Magical Retreats, you’ll be invited to experience an abundance of offerings: Herbalism, Magic, Ceremony, Wellness, Yoga, Meditation, Organic Meals, and more.

This retreat is a beautiful opportunity to slow down and embrace the summer magic of the desert and receive the offerings of many magical women. The retreat is open to all! Visit their website for full details. 

Locals, inquire with Magical Retreats for a locals discount.


August 26th, 2018
Joshua Tree, CA

I’ll be sharing Cacao Ceremony on my land under the light of the Pisces Full Moon this coming Sunday evening. Please reply to let me know if you’d like to receive the details for this ceremony, and if you’d like to be added to my mailing list for future Cacao Ceremonies. 


***Please join me for my first sacred workshop!***

September 15-16th, 2018
Novato, CA

Through a series of divine synchronicities, over a year ago I found myself auspiciously introduced to a very mysterious system of ancient spiritual teachings and practices little known to the world. This work has been transformational in my own life, and after devoting myself to the teachings and practices for the last year, I was given the blessing by the lineage to teach this sacred system with the world.

The Womb Chakra is the most powerful energetic point within you. Different from the second chakra, it is its own chakra point, and is the hidden key to tremendous healing, power, and divinity that is available to all genders. It is the highest, holiest place in your body. Much trauma is stored in the Womb Chakra, and through a system of sacred practices, its purification can bring forth great transformation and healing.

If any of the following resonate with you, you might be receiving a divine nudge to explore the power of this work: Heartbreak, womb-related disturbances, chronic illness, sacred pregnancy, Mother Mary, ancestral wounding, karma clearing, sacred relationship, a desire to be a stronger healer, longing to connect with Divine Mother, a readiness to take your spiritual work to the next level.

More workshop information and registration found here. 

I hope you'll join me for my first workshop on the Holy Womb Chakra System to learn more. It only takes an open heart to get started.

Moving forward I will be continuing to develop more offerings around these sacred teachings, including one on one sessions. 


A Practice of Self-Love:
Schedule a meeting with yourself

Sit down with your calendar for the next month. Once a week for the next 4 weeks, schedule a 2 hour block of time for deep self-care. This may be used towards getting a massage, a healing treatment, an ocean swim, a long walk in nature, a yoga class, for example. This is quiet time to be present with the care of your body, free of devices and distractions. 

Maintain the two hour block, even if your self-care activity is less time than that. Bless yourself with enough time and space to not rush into this experience of self-care, and integration time for after you are complete.

Honor this committment and prioritize it as much as you would any other important appointment or meeting. And enjoy.


Thank you for reading, thank you for being here. Thank you for being on this divine journey with me.

May your self-care be a blessing for all beings.
May you surrender into your continued expansion.
May you open your heart to your own divinity.

May every word of this letter bless you with love, peace, and joy.

And so it is. Blessed Be. Sat Nam.

I love you,


Photo of a recent water-immersed Lunar Eclipse Cacao Ceremony by Jenn Whitney.