WORKSHOP: The Holy Womb Chakra System

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WORKSHOP: The Holy Womb Chakra System



~Accessing the Divine Feminine Power in All Creation~

A 2-Day Sacred Workshop in Novato, CA

Saturday, September 15th + Sunday, September 16th, 2018

10am-6pm each day

Discover and learn the ancient sacred teachings and processes of the Holy Womb Chakra System. Bless your life with powerful healing and mastery through this ancient knowledge that has been protected for thousands of years until recently, brought forth again at this time of the Divine Feminine reemergence. The world is now in the right timing to receive and benefit from this high-level sacred wisdom! This is the time when the Divine Feminine power, the truth of Divine Mother, and the Womb will help truly change the world in the greatest possible way.

This advanced workshop is open to all genders, as the teachings apply to everyone. (No advanced knowledge of chakra systems is necessary.)

The Holy Womb Chakra System is for you if any of the following resonate:

  • You want to take your spiritual practice to the next level of mastery

  • You do work as a healer

  • You are ready to align with your true Divine nature

  • You have experienced heartbreak, abuse, and/or trauma

  • You are interested in sacred conception + pregnancy

  • You have a connection to Mother Mary

  • You want to clear karma

  • You are open to mantra practices

  • You have experienced any kind womb-related disturbance

  • You’re looking for the missing piece in your healing journey

  • You want to bring healing to the world

  • You want to experience direct connection to Divine Mother

What you will receive:

  • Each morning will begin by drinking a nourishing cup of Ceremonial Cacao, to set intentions and open your heart to receive the divine energies of the day in the best possible way

  • You will learn about the mysterious Holy Womb Chakra, and how its purification is the divine key to open up miraculous healing and power within you

  • You will learn ancient mantra practices for healing your Womb Chakra

  • You will have an understanding of kama and karma energy, and how to wash karma

  • You will learn to draw the yantra for the Holy Womb Chakra

  • You will learn extraordinary information about the lives of Mother Mary and Jesus

  • You will receive sacred tools to bring your healing work to the next level

  • You will learn how to directly connect in to the Divine Mother

Please bring:

  • Your own lunch and snacks (restaurants are in the area for lunch as well)

  • A notebook and writing tools

  • For our altar, a photo of your mother, your maternal grandmother, and going as far back in your matrilineal lines as you can (if you have them)

  • Your intention for this experience

  • An open heart ready to receive powerful sacred teachings

Early bird exchange per person for 2 day workshop: $300.00

*** Exchange per person after August 31st: $350.00 ***

(((Please reserve your seat soon. Space is limited, and this workshop has been much-anticipated and long-awaited! Tickets are non-refundable, thank you for understanding.)))

Address: BodySong, 100 Professional Center Dr, Suite #112, Novato CA 94947

Nearby accommodations can be found in Novato, CA through Airbnb or local hotels.

Priestesses Angela de la Agua and Diana Melchizedek are certified teachers of the Holy Womb Chakra System, as taught by Sri Kaleshwar and his teacher, Shirdi Sai Baba, the Divine Souls from whom this knowledge has come. 

We look forward to introducing you to this Divine Lineage!

~Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu~

Please contact Angela: or Diana: 415-419-9164 for any questions about this transformational workshop!

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