The Wounded Masculine ~ Father's Day, Full Moon, and Fire


As it goes these days, there’s a lot of activity in the world right now! A Full Moon in Sagittarius rises tomorrow, June 17th, Summer Solstice peaks on Friday the 21st, and today we honor the fathers in our lives. This is all an emphasis on masculine energy and an invitation to explore our relationship with the masculine.

It can be a common experience for holidays or any kind of nationally acknowledged focus on something to be potentially triggering for us individually. Father’s Day might activate something for you or others close to you that feels uncomfortable. Taken at face value, we look to the Father in our life, who may or not be present for many reasons. Even if present, it might be a complex relationship. For men, the focus of the Father might bring up something difficult internally to process about viewing themselves in this role, children or no children.

For myself, my father passed away 7 years ago exactly, the day after Father’s Day 2012 in fact. So this day indeed holds quite a bit of energy for me, and I have the opportunity to see what comes up for me around my father. Perhaps I’ll find there’s more healing to do around his transition and the circumstances. Perhaps I’ll allow myself to go back to those last moments with my father, where I and my siblings and his wife all surrounded him and held him and witnessed his final breath. Perhaps I will find something new within myself about our relationship. He may have something to communicate with me today. I’m going to give it the space and time to listen and allow myself to receive.

If you find yourself feeling a trigger around Father’s Day, recognize the trigger as a key to something that wants to be healed within yourself.This is what triggering emotions are designed to do: They direct us to what is unseen and submerged within our hearts that needs to be acknowledged and brought to the surface to be felt, honored, and released.

A trigger is never about another person or circumstance, it always shows you something about yourself for your personal growth and evolution. 



I’m seeing Father’s Day as a greater opportunity to draw awareness and healing to the Divine Masculine. Feminine and masculine energies are just that, energy. This is not about the polarity of woman and man. Within each of us, no matter how we identify in regards to gender, we all embody feminine and masculine energies. When these energetics are in their highest octave, they are expressed as the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

While we are in a time of restoring the awareness of the Divine Feminine power on this planet, we must recognize there is also a tremendous wounding within the collective masculine. To bring our planet into harmony, we honor the power of the Divine Feminine and we honor the power of the Divine Masculine. We must bring these energies into balance for our planet to align with peace and harmony. To fully empower the Divine Feminine to bloom into her utmost radiance, the Divine Masculine must embody his full purpose as protector, upholding all that is sacred with strength, honor, and integrity.


What is out of balance in the world can be experienced as out of balance within ourselves. The way we bring the collective Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine into balance is by starting within ourselves. If Father’s Day is challenging for you, make it about bringing healing to the masculine within yourself. Look at it as an invitation to awaken and align with your Divine Masculine energy. Discover what it is you need to bring yourself into inner balance.

The highest octave of the Masculine is action-oriented initiation, support, and strength for Feminine intuition, vision, and feeling. How can you utilize your masculine energy to strengthen and support your feminine aspects? Where is your masculine energy out of balance? Where is it too weak, where is it too strong? Where do you have false or limiting beliefs about the masculine? 

If your relationship with your father is wounded in any kind of way, look within yourself to see how how this may be reflected in your own inner masculine, and bring love to this wound.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a fiery masculine energy that is perfect for releasing what is wounded within your masculine aspect. Create a simple ritual using a candle, the masculine energy of fire, to honor your Divine Masculine self. Offer to the fire what doesn't serve you any longer and offer your gratitude for the gifts you receive from the Divine Masculine.

It’s by coming into balance within the self that we bring healing to the collective. As always, it is through the inner work that we create true change and transformation on our planet.



The Sun is revered as masculine energy emanating the light of the Divine. It’s no coincidence that Father’s Day would be anchored to the time of year when the energy of the Sun is at its strongest. Summer Solstice is a celebration of the light of the Sun and our connection to it.

Summer Solstice is when the Sun shines its longest light, and it holds this space for 3 full days. This is a sacred time that opens a powerful portal of energy, ushering divine light into our lives. This is an important mid-year check in point for the intentions set around Winter Solstice and the beginning of 2019. I’ll be sharing a new video soon about how to work with the energy of this sacred day, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to know when it’s up! 


I am re-sharing a Summer Solstice adventure I spontaneously took into Death Valley a couple of years ago. May you be inspired to embrace the heat of summer through this story!

*** If you are in the Joshua Tree area, please join me in a special Cacao Ceremony Saturday, June 22nd in honor of Summer Solstice! Please email me for details and to RSVP. ***


With this Full Moon, may you celebrate the fathers in your life. May you celebrate the healing you are doing around the father relationship/archetype. May you celebrate your own inner journey to heal the masculine energies within.

May you celebrate and honor the Divine Masculine within yourself.

Summer Solstice blessings!

I love you,