SUMMER SURRENDER: Total Solar Eclipse + New Video


We find ourselves in an especially charged time as the Sun takes center stage in the sky. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Summer Solstice marks the peak of the Sun’s energy. While the days are gradually shortening post-Summer Solstice, the Sun still dominates the next couple of months with the abundance of light and heat showering our days. We also have a Total Solar Eclipse approaching that gives us an opportunity to experience what happens when our planet is totally blocked from the energy of the Sun.

The guidance of the Summer Sun asks us to surrender to its light and its heat. Let the Sun illuminate what needs to be seen in your life and in your heart. As life continues to increase in intensity and overwhelm, let the heat slow you down to take time to tune inward, and be honest with yourself about what needs to be changed in your life that does not align with your truth. This call for surrender is one of the great gifts that the challenges the hot summers brings: The gift of slowing down enables you to rest and reflect. This is part of the natural cycle, to take downtime in the hottest part of the year to both integrate all that has happened thus far in 2019, and to recognize what is no longer serving and needs to be released. By honoring the seasons and shifts in energy, by truly slowing down and finding stillness in the intensity of Summer, you will find yourself able to enter the Fall season with renewed direction, strength, and vitality.

Rather than resisting, fearing, and/or complaining about the discomforts of the excess of Sun and heat, embrace it. Allow it to be your teacher, your guide into illuminating the truth of your heart by means of surrender. Let go of resistance, let the Sun help you sweat out what no longer serves. Let the Sun show you what’s hiding in your heart that wants to be seen in the light.


In perfect divine timing, we find ourselves entering the Eclipse season for greater lessons of surrender, and to further support this time of great change on our planet. Eclipses are part of a great Divine Design to reset our lives every 6 months, and often times forcibly shifting our realities that do not serve our greater good. This coming Tuesday, July 2nd, we experience a Total Solar Eclipse. This begins the Summer Eclipse season, and will culminate with a Lunar Eclipse on July 16th. By Eclipse standards this is a truly powerful set of Eclipses, and the focus has everything to do with your feelings, your heart, your truth.

If you have found yourself to be experiencing intense, overwhelming emotions lately, know that you are in perfect flow with the universe. Major karmic cycles are coming up for completion. All is coming to us now to enable us to experience deep emotions and feelings that need to be felt so they may be healed through release. There is a great strength in giving yourself permission to feel authentically, letting go of self-judgment, and simply letting the tears flow.

Vulnerability is your greatest strength at this time of massive transformation. We are all changing and expanding, and we don’t know what the future looks like anymore. By looking inward, by aligning with your authentic truth, by being brave and allowing vulnerability, you open your heart to the Love that always guides you home.

I myself have been in the midst of a great undoing that feels like it’s been working on me for the last 6 months, and has had me questioning all that I am. What I don’t question is the feelings: I feel them, I allow them, I release them. It feels like the greatest work I can do now is to keep my heart open and honor my feelings as they come. It is a great shedding, a great rebirth taking place. It is a great opportunity to expand into Love more than ever before.

Trusting the process has never been more important. 

There’s a rich beauty to this contrast of great darkness occurring on the brightest of days. This is one of the divine gifts of the Eclipses: The blocking of the source of divine light that gives us life envelopes us in divine shadow and darkness. If there is no light, where do we exist within the darkness? We find ourselves back in the womb, in the place of darkness that holds all of the miracle of existence. Where everything exists in the unseen. Where everything is felt in safety. Where Love is birthed.

We find ourselves home.


Eclipses always occur with a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) and a Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse). Tuesday’s New Moon in Cancer brings the focus of this reset to matters relating to home, family, nurturing, the mother, the womb. Cancer is a water sign, a feminine energy that is fertile, creative, and nurturing. The energy of Cancer holds powerful, intense emotions that are very personal, and very protected. This is your opportunity to feel your feelings in a safe space and nurture all that you discover along the way. 


During the Eclipse (look up your Eclipse time here), take reflective time to go deeply inward. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in the womb. Come to a place of absolute stillness and peace in the darkness, as you remember.

From the safety of the womb, ask yourself: What in my life am I denying? What am I afraid to confront within myself? What wounds deep within my heart ask to be brought to the surface for healing? What karmic cycles are ready for completion? How can I truly love myself?

Let whatever comes up for you be acknowledged, honored, and released. Invite your emotions to rise up. Invite the energy of the Eclipse to free you of what holds you back from embodying your true power, strength, and loving yourself completely.

Seal the ritual by pouring a glass of cool water over your face (working with the water energy of Cancer) and feel yourself being washed of all that no longer serves. Feel yourself being rebirthed.



Even my plan for creating a Summer Solstice video last week had to be surrendered due to unexpected travel delays returning home from a trip! So I let that plan go, and once I was back home and able, I made a new video all about how to bring yourself into harmony and balance in the hottest time of year. I’ve learned so much about the Sun from living in the desert, and hope you enjoy these 11 tips and insights for keeping cool in the heat and how to truly receive the medicine of summer.

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I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy creating them!


There is no greater strength than vulnerability. All that is coming undone around us and within us is breaking us open to states of vulnerability like never before. Vulnerability is the path to aligning with our Truth.

Let this Total Solar Eclipse envelop you in its momentary darkness. Even if not visible this energy is indeed total, and envelops our whole planet. It is your great opportunity to invite in the reset and transformation your soul is guiding you to embrace. Let yourself find your way back home to the truth of who you are, deep within your heart. Let yourself awaken to the Love that dwells within your heart always, the Love that is your ever-present home. Let this Love be your anchor in these great changing times. No matter what is happening externally, the Love that you are is within you always.

May this Total Solar Eclipse serve to expand your heart more than ever before. May you awaken to the divine light that always dwells within, even on the darkest of days. May you share your divine light with the world more and more everyday.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for doing the work with me.

I love you,