We have just experienced a transformational Full Moon in Scorpio on Saturday, May 18th, a day that also marked the celebration of the life journey of the Buddha (known as Buddha Purnima: his birth, enlightenment, and death) that serves as a greater reminder for our own personal journeys of how we may consciously engage with this gift of life.

There are deeply profound changes taking place within each of us, and we see the changes occurring in the external world around us. Scorpio is deep dark water that wants us to embrace the truth found in the shadow aspects of ourselves. Even when triggered by external circumstances, we have the opportunity to gain control by looking at that which is activating us and seeing what is asking for healing within our own selves. This recent energy is deeply emotional and intense, and through the acceptance of that which is part of us, we experience healing. We transform into greater, more whole versions of ourselves. This Scorpio Full Moon helps us to face unresolved pain so that we may ultimately be able to love ourselves more fully.

This is where our own liberation is found.

How do we do this work? By simply allowing it, and surrendering to what comes up. By letting go of avoidances and distractions and instead bravely embracing the feelings, the thoughts, the emotions that demand to be acknowledged. By no longer suppressing the uncomfortable shadows and instead bearing witness to your truth, free of judgment, free of narrative, free of shame, free of fear.

We do this by prioritizing the care of ourselves.

Inner work is no small thing, and we can greatly support ourselves in this process through loving self-care.


Allow the care of yourself be your greatest priority, every single day.

Sometimes this means acknowledging the uncomfortable feelings as they arise and giving yourself the space to feel them without resistance as they move through. Sometimes this means being aware of the ways you are nourishing yourself and taking care of your body. Sometimes this means surrounding yourself with supportive people, or taking quiet time to reconnect to yourself by connecting to nature.

Whether things in the external world are maddeningly intense or the acute focus is on personal struggle, the awareness of self-care can be quite distant or dismissed. Bring yourself continuously back into the present moment by checking in with your basic needs: How does your body feel in this moment? Are you thirsty? Are you ungrounded? Are you exhausted? Are you breathing?

Self-care is your foundation for daily strength, peace, and love. When this is a solid foundation woven into your daily life, you easily reach for the simple tools that support you in challenging times.


It doesn’t get more simple than drinking water.

This watery Scorpio Full Moon is a great time to implement a simple self-care ritual in your daily life. If you’re not already drinking lemon water first thing every morning, I have a new video sharing about the many benefits of this simple practice. I describe exactly how I do this and how it truly becomes a blessing for your body, mind, and spirit. Even if you’re familiar with the benefits of drinking lemon water, you might learn some new tips and insights in my video!

Let this simple daily practice be solidified for you with this Full Moon, a water ritual to ensure you release old energy first thing every morning after waking.

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In these transformational times when so much is out of our control, we must remember the ways in which we do have control in every single moment. We can always reach for a loving act of self-care through thought, action, or feeling. It’s a gift that’s always available to you.

I am here to help guide you in your journey of transformation. If you need help accessing the love within yourself, please scroll down to see the ways you can work with me and visit my website for in-depth info and to book a session.

May this Full Moon bless you with enlightened awareness of your heart's authentic truth.

I love you,